The meaning of each type of sports betting

Goal time

Market, which is becoming increasingly popular among today's players. Many companies have a bet on the performance of a particular segment of time - in soccer and hockey matches. For example, "a goal from the 16th to the 30th minute - yes" or "TB 0.5 from 20:00 to 29:59 - yes". Another variety is "the next goal from the 60th to the 75th minute". That is, the bettor must guess whether there will be productive action in the designated period of time.

There are special Parimatch in Pakistan strategies for this outcome - playing the long-goal at each interval offered by the bookmaker. The odds on a goal in any interval start from two, with the passage of time it is possible to catch more solid quotes.

Betting on periods

It is not necessary for bettors to start from the result of the whole game when placing a bet. It is possible to play either by certain segments - as in the case above - or by halves/sets/quarters/periods. All the basic predictions that fill the line for the whole match are also in this block - totals, handicaps, outcome. Some bookmakers give the exact score, odd/even and other events.

In this category you can also include betting on a time match. Its peculiarity is that the player chooses a combination of the outcome of the first half and the entire match. Denoted in the list of this type of outcome as P1/P1, P2/P2, P2/P1, etc. It is important that in the first part of the bet the player should guess the result of the first half, and in the second part - the result of the match. This betting option is found only in soccer.

Team Passing

Cup competition, championship playoffs are games of skill. The peculiarity of such matches in bookmakers' offices - there is an additional market "Who will pass to the next round" or "Team Passage". The meaning of the event is to guess which team will make it to the next round of the competition.

Market is found in soccer, hockey, futsal, basketball - everywhere where there is a playoff and cup net. This type of event is characterized by insurance - sometimes the odds on total passing are lower than on a clean win, but you can hedge yourself if the team fails to win at the end of the main time of the match.

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