Imagina Gaming: overview and top slots

Imagina Gaming is a revolutionary game provider, providing unique and unusual game content since 2016. The goal of the company is to follow innovative technologies to create creative games that attract both experienced and novice players.

Features and Characteristics

Imagina Gaming was founded by online casino industry experts with years of experience. They came together to fill the gambling sphere with innovative solutions.

The company creates attractive and unusual gambling games. Its mission is to provide unique content that will allow online casino operators to stand out from the crowd. The company offers games with quality sound and graphics that will suit both regular gamblers and players looking for unconventional slots.

The company has a decentralized platform that handles large amounts of data and is also flexible and scalable.

Affordable tools and top games

Imagina Gaming aims to break down the wall between casino operators and game providers. The company is currently in the process of finalizing a feature for free spins and tournaments, which is scheduled for early 2020.

In addition, Imagina Gaming is giving operators access to a back office that provides real-time information on player sessions and betting, as well as analytics on traffic in different countries, currencies, etc.

Currently, Imagina Gaming offers 7 games and will soon release new slots. Today the company's games are popular in Scandinavian countries, Europe and Eastern European countries, and in the future the company plans to enter gambling markets of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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